This Fight At An NFL Football Game Is An Epic, Multi-Row Royal Rumble

Fans at the Kansas Chiefs vs Oakland Raiders game decided that they wanted to get in on the action themselves. So, they broke out into one hell of a fight in the stands. A video of the brawl was posted on Twitter earlier, but there was no indication as to what started the fight.

The upper deck of the stands is probably a horrible place for a fight to start, mostly because the seats are really close together, making it really easy for those involved to roll down, row after row toward the edge. That is exactly what happens to a few of the fans that participated in this fight.

Right at the beginning, people are throwing punches, pushing people backward over the seats behind them. At one point a woman lunges headfirst over a few rows of seats, perhaps to get away from the fight. One man even tries to start breaking it up but just gets dragged in. The whole thing is just a mess of out of control elbows, feet, and fists.

Eventually, security shows up and tells everyone to just leave. Naturally, once the person with the badge shows up, everyone stops.

In the end, the Chiefs did beat the Raiders 21-13, but it's hard to tell if the Raiders loss was what caused the skirmish, or if the game was really just so boring that fans had to make their own entertainment. At least, from what can be seen on the video, no one was seriously injured.


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[H/T CBS Sports]