The View Erupts As Whoopi Goldberg Blasts Jedediah Bila For Bashing Meryl Streep And Defending Donald Trump

When the co-hosts of The View discussed the Meryl Streep–Donald Trump feud, things got totally heated. Whoopi Goldberg absolutely blasted Jedediah Bila for bashing the Florence Foster Jenkins actress for getting political during her acceptance speech.

When Jedediah Bila was asked how she felt about the awards show, she took all the anchors by surprise by saying that she wanted to change the channel during Streep's speech.

"[Meryl Streep] made me turn it off if I'm being honest," Bila said. "Not because I don't respect her right to an opinion, I think she's a phenomenally talented actress. When I turn on an award show, I don't want to be lectured about politics, climate change or the NRA or a left-wing issue or a right-wing issue. I want to appreciate your talent as an actor. I want to appreciate these films and I want to leave the politics out of it."

After Bila expressed her opinion, it was evident that all of the other women strongly disagreed.

Bila continued by saying: "I hate when this happens because 9 out of 10 times the views do shift left and there are people out there who love Meryl Streep and love her acting but don't want to be made to feel like they're being marginalized for their politics in a moment that's not about politics."

Joy Behar then weighed in on the subject to criticize President-elect Donald Trump.

"He is supposed to be the president of the free world. He's not there to tit for tat over every little slight that goes through his thin skin," Behar said.

As you might imagine, social media had a wide range of reactions to the debate on The View.

Check out the video above to see the ladies of The View debating this controversial subject from the Golden Globes.

Do you agree with Jedediah Bila regarding the Donald Trump-Meryl Streep beef?


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