'The Revenant' Got A Gloriously Accurate 8-bit Trailer

Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar Winning role in The Revenant just got an 8-Bit Cinema recreation, and it is epic!

The survival story takes on new life in this '80s arcade game and NES-inspired action, and we dare say the popular scene from the movie where Leo battles a bear is equally as awesome in this 8-bit recreation.

The feature length film was much more grueling for audiences in a lot of ways. Not only was the gore much more graphic, but also the movie lasted almost three hours long, which seemed like an accomplishment within itself just to sit through the entire thing. However, this 8-Bit version is a lot less grueling in every way imaginable. There's a lot less blood, and the entire story is retold in just about two minutes using the simple yet wildly entertaining animation.

The Revenant is the most recent addition to CineFix's 8-Bit Cinema series. Other films that the animators have tackled include Se7en, Kill Bill, and Mean Girls. While the videos are meant to be humorous, they are all remarkably efficient in the way that they capture all the efficient plot points for all of these iconic films.

What do you think about this new 8-Bit Cinema recreation of The Revenant? Do you like this version better than the original?


[H/T YouTube CineFix]