The Internet Is Losing it Over The Very Strange Detail in Miley Cyrus' Latest Photo

Miley Cyrus is well-known for being one of the least tame celebrities out there, but this may be close to taking the cake on her wacky antics.

Cyrus took to Twitter Saturday morning to share a photo of her New Year's Eve preparations. The photo features a close-up of her face with three very large jewel stickers on her face, with the caption "Is this to obvious that I'm trying to hide something ..... #newyearspimples."

However, Cyrus' supposed pimples are not what people are concerned about. In the background of the photo appears to be a blow-up doll with either two heads or cartoonishly proportioned breasts. Either way, the internet is having a field day with the seemingly unintentional background detail.

Cyrus has not yet commented on the reactions to the photo.

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