What Your Favorite Sex Position Says About Your Personality

Missionary, doggy style, girl on top — these classic sex positions are common favorites, but liking one over the other could be a matter of more than just preference. Read on to see what your favorite position says about your personality. The answers might not surprise you!

1. Missionary

This simple, safe position is perfect for those not looking to branch too far out of their comfort zone. Don't fret, though — this position is also favored by those seeking a more intimate connection with their partners, who enjoy the eye contact and skin-to-skin contact this position provides. If you prefer missionary because it allows you to be on top, this suggests you like control.

2. Doggy Style

A wild position for a wild person, doggy style allows both partners to tap into their primitive side. Doggy style is often favored by dominant men and submissive women, though the pose can also be done with the woman setting the rhythm, so this pose is perfect for those interested in a little BDSM. This is also a great position if intimacy isn't your thing, as there's no eye contact and minimal skin-to-skin contact, allowing you both to focus on your own pleasure.

3. Girl on top

This pose is a favorite of confident women who aren't shy about ensuring they get the pleasure they need. This pose is also great for those who are uninhibited and sure of themselves, as the rider sets the pace and has her front half visible to all the world. Partners in this situation are confident in their submission and keen to make sure their partners are pleased.

4. Spooning

Spooning is for the cuddlers of the world, the people who love feeling their partners skin pressed against theirs. Spooning sex allows both partners to feel literally every move the other makes, resulting in a deep sexual connection favored by those who love intimacy and the sweeter side of sex. This position also allows you to have sex in a comfortable, relaxed position, making the experience pleasurable for those keen to get their kicks without making too much effort.

5. 69


69 is the perfect position for those who care more about their partner's pleasure than their own, but aren't so altruistic that they ignore their own needs. This is also a great pose for those who don't care about boundaries and rules; who says you can't give some and get some all at once? Those who prefer this pose accept their bodies and are confident in themselves.

Whatever your favorite, embrace your sexual personality and feel free to experiment with other styles, as long as you stay true to your needs.