Ryan Seacrest And Adriana Lima Are Apparently NOT Dating

The Hollywood rumor mills have been turning again, and this time it's got Ryan Seacrest and Adriana Lima in its sights. Since the two met during the 2016 Rio Olympics, they've been close. But despite what people say, they are not dating.

While covering the Olympics, Seacrest and Lima spent a lot of time together. She showed him around her native country of Brazil as the food and culture correspondent. She even referred to him as charismatic and handsome, according to Huffington Post.

ryan seacrest and adriana lima
(Photo: Twitter / @cosmopolitan)

Now that the two are back in the states, they recently met for dinner at a romantic restaurant in New York City while Lima was there for Fashion Week. The pair claims that they wanted to get to know each other outside of work, but they are not dating.

Lima has been divorced since 2014 and Seacrest has been single for a while – he is a busy man. But perhaps the two will find that they want to be a bit more than friends. Just because they aren't dating today, doesn't mean they won't tomorrow.