Robert De Niro To Star In His First Television Series Ever

Robert Di Niro is known for his movies. He is a feature film actor! But, things change, or at least they do if the right project comes along. As it turns out, Di Nero has found the right project. It looks like he'll finally make his small screen debut in an Amazon series.

A while ago, Di Niro was cast as John Turturro in the series The Night Of, but that project never actually happened. Luckily for Amazon, that freed Di Niro up to do an original series for the online marketplace instead.

di nero 2
(Photo: YouTube / CBS)

Di Nero will star alongside Julieanne Moore in a series that still has not title, nor is there any information about the plot. All that's known is that the show will be directed by the five-time Oscar nominated director, David O. Russell, who is known for Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, and The Fighter.

The series was originally supposed to air on FX, but has since moved to Amazon. This might be for the better considering it is costing a lot to get Di Niro to move to the small screen. It's said that he is getting $850,000 per episode for the series.

Of course, the Oscar-winning actor hasn't been sitting around doing nothing, he has quite a few movies currently in various stages of production. More importantly, he has been keeping busy trashing Donald Trump on television, social media, and alongside other actors. He's even admitted he'd like to punch Trump in the face.


Needless to say, Di Niro has been a little busy lately.

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