Rat Attacks Man Poking It With Stick

Rats aren't usually like by humans, except if they are carrying around a very large slice of pizza. The latest viral rat post isn't an adorable photo of a small creature carrying large food. No, the latest video is of what happens when you poke at a rat with a stick and the rat fights back.

Hallway Rat was clearly minding his own business when a resident in the building decided to take a broomstick out to the hall to poke at him. Well, Hallway Rat didn't care for that too much. So, like any normal rat living in any normal hall, he fought back.

Well, according to the video, Hallway Rat didn't really fight as much as scream and run toward the human. It was quite the intimidation tactic. Eventually the human ran back up the stairs to his home, leaving Hallway Rat to his own business.

In the end, it's clear – Hallway Rat won.

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[H/T Complex]