Playboy Model Katie May Dies After Chiropractor Ruptures Neck Artery

After a visit to the chiropractor left her with a torn artery in her neck, Playboy model Katie May passed away.

Only days after suffering a stroke, the 34-year-old model recently died in February. According to an official statement made by the Los Angeles County Coroner, the results have finally concluded that May died due to injury during a "neck manipulation by chiropractor."

(Photo: Instagram)

The blood flow to May's brain was blocked after the chiropractor tore her left vertebral artery by shifting the star's neck, which in turn was the cause of the stroke, according to Los Angeles Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter.

"She had some clotting and went to the hospital where they tried to do some procedures but she passed away," Winter said during an interview with People. "I personally have not seen this before."

In February, May's brother named Stephen confirmed that Katie's death was "catastrophic" stroke was "caused by a blocked carotid artery."

Stephen said, "To the best of my family's knowledge, and we are fairly but not totally certain of this, Katie did not seek medical care prior to Monday evening; if she had, it seems reasonable to conclude, the subsequent days would have unfolded very differently."

On January 29, May tweeted about her neck injury. She wrote, "Pinched a nerve in my neck on a Photoshoot and got adjusted this morning. It really hurts! Any home remedy suggestions loves? XOXO."

Two days later, May indicated on Twitter she had plans on going to see the chiropractor for treatment on the neck injury.

"Thanks love! It still hurts, going back to chiropractor tomorrow xoxoxo," May wrote.

As you could imagine, Katie's death came as quite the shock to her family. Her brother Stephen referred to her as "a star in every sense of the word." He also said, "I'll never stop missing her."

Katie had a daughter named Mia, and after her death, a GoFundMe page was established in order to raise funds for Mia's education.

The page says, "Anyone who was lucky enough to know Katie May was truly blessed by her incredible heart, mind and soul. She was an inspiration and a guiding light to so many people in this world."

R.I.P. Katie May


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