Paige Will Return To WWE Next Week

After being suspended back in August for violating the company's talent wellness policy, Paige is finally set to return to the WWE next week. Paige's 30-day suspension officially ends on Saturday, September 17.

During the past several days, it seems as if the Diva's Champ and the WWE have been able to work things out after rumors had been circulating that she was on her way out. The speculation became more intense after the news leaked on MLW Radio that the WWE allegedly threatened to terminate her contract because of her relationship with Alberto Del Rio. The WWE sources have maintained that there were no such threats made towards Paige that she would be fired, but no official statement has been released as of yet.

(Photo: Facebook / DivaOfTomorrow)

Paige and her WWE boyfriend Del Rio were both suspended at the same time, but there was no information as to what specific policy either of them violated to receive the suspension. The knee-jerk reaction is to assume that the pair took performance-enhancing drugs as the WWE has had a long and troubled past with them. The report was released that Del Rio failed a drug test, but it is curios as to why the WWE didn't announce the dual suspensions in the same article like they normally would if the same policy had been violated by multiple wrestlers.

In light of the fact that Del Rio and Paige did get slapped with matching 30-day suspensions, one might assume they were caught taking the same drugs.

Despite the mystery surround the suspension, the 24-year-old Diva wrestler is scheduled to be at Raw on Monday in Memphis, according to Wrestling News.

Are you excited to see Paige return to WWE on Monday Night Raw in Memphis?

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