New Details About Johnny Depp's Lawsuit And His Insane Spending Habits

If there is one thing everyone knows about Johnny Depp it's that is an extravagant person. What would you expect from the actor who so spectacularly portrayed crazy characters like Captain Jack Sparrow and the Mad Hatter? As it turns out, that extravagant personality might do well for acting, but it seems to do nothing but destroy a bank account.

At the beginning of January 2017, the same day that Depp's very public divorce from Amber Heard was finalized, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor filed a lawsuit against his management company. Depp claims that The Management Group defrauded him out of millions of dollars.

However, The Management Group has since filed a countersuit against Depp, where the group lays out exactly where Depp's millions of dollars went. Turns out, Depp has a problem with spending ridiculous amounts of money on ridiculous things.

Johnny Depp crazy spending
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According to the document, Depp spends $30,000 a month on wine that he has flown to him from around the world. He spent $75 million to purchase and furnish his 14 residences, one of which used to be an old village in the South of France. He purchased and renovated a 150-foot yacht for $18 million and he has spent millions of dollars purchasing up to 45 luxury vehicles.

That doesn't even include the hundreds of works of art, collectibles, jewelry, guitars, and Hollywood memorabilia he has sitting in 12 storage facilities. Then, of course, there was the $3 million he spent to blast writer Hunter S. Thompson's ashes out of a specialty made cannon over Aspen, Colorado.

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Despite spending all of this money, Depp claims that The Management Group is responsible for his financial troubles today. He claims that the group took out loans without approval and hid the severity of his financial situation from him.

As it turns out, The Management Group is still owed around $4.2 million from Depp and have filed a non-Judaical foreclosure on one of Depp's home to pay for his debt. The group believes that Depp's lawsuit is just his way to stall the foreclosure.


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