Netflix Has Far Superior Movies Than Amazon Prime And HBO Now, Study Says

While Netflix has been focusing more on creating its own original content, such as Stranger Things and House of Cards, that the company's subscribers seem to love, there's no denying that quality of the movie library has declined. Even though the streaming service's film selection isn't as good as it used to be in years past, it is still far better than what Amazon Prime and HBO Now have to offer, according to a recent study.

Netflix Movie
(Photo: Netflix)

In order to analyze the quality of movies in each of the most popular streaming services' libraries, the researchers at Streaming Observer turned to Rotten Tomatoes to cross-reference the films that made the cut on the "Certified Fresh" list.

Although Hulu was left out of the mix because Rotten Tomatoes won't allow users to sort the results for their content, the researchers were still able to conduct a comparison between Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Now. The results of the analysis were thoroughly surprising.

At a total of 357 "Certified Fresh" flicks available, Netflix has by far the most quality movie content. Amazon Prime came in second with 236, and HBO Now only had 52 titles that in the list.

One of the more disappointing results from the study concluded that subscribing to Netflix alone will still leave you without a way to watch 85% of the "Certified Fresh" movies on Rotten Tomatoes. Netflix carries only 15% of the quality films while Amazon Prime carries 10%, and HBO Now has just 2%.

What is interesting about Amazon Prime is that its movie library holds nearly four times the amount of titles as Netflix, but still is in a distant second place in the quality of the film selection.

In conclusion, the researchers found that Netflix is still the best option for streaming movies and shows. However, for all the movie fanatics out there, there isn't a single streaming service that will offer enough quality content in order to keep you satisfied. Streaming Observer concluded that your best bet would be to either subscribe to multiple services or to buy/rent your films from either iTunes or Amazon.

What streaming service do you think has the best selection of movies and TV shows between Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Now?


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