Michael Phelps Battled Severe Depression After 2012 Olympics

Retirement looks good on Michael Phelps. The most decorated Olympian has had a lot going on since he officially retired at the end of the 2016 Rio Olympics. Most importantly, Phelps is happy, which is completely different than how he felt after his 2012 Olympic run.

Phelps admitted that after the 2010 London Olympics he was depressed. He didn't want to see anyone, talk to anyone, or do anything. He was in a dark place after he returned home. This time, however, he hasn't felt any of that dark dread despite the fact that he knows he is done competing.

michael phelps
(Photo: Facebook / Michael Phelps)

"I think just where I am in life, that's why it's so different," Phelps said. "Having a family, but also just being engaged in everything in my life. Before, I was just so distant from everything. I didn't want to talk to anybody. I didn't want to be around anybody. I didn't want anything. That's the biggest difference."

Now, instead of wanting to compete, Phelps has found that he wants to help others. He has recently been working to expand his Michael Phelps Foundation's "im" water safety and recreation program. As part of this expansion, he stopped by an elementary school to help bring the kids gifts and inspiration to follow their dreams.

"It's hard to go through life by yourself," Phelps told the kids, no doubt channeling his feelings from back in late 2012. "I learned that the hard way."

Of course, like many of the interviews and events that Phelps has been to since his retirement">retirement, the kids weren't just interested in hearing about his medals and competitions, but they also wanted to know if he was going to come out of retirement for the 2020 Olympics.

"I was like, 'Wow man, I'm getting shots thrown at me from every side.' Even little kids are telling me to come back," he said grinning.

Of course, his life isn't all about spreading water safety awareness. The Olympian also got secretly married back in June and has been spending his last few months enjoying the married life.


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