Members Of The View Give Shockingly Fair Treatment Of Donald Trump Victory

The ladies on ABC's The View had a discussion about President-elect Donald Trump, and surprisingly enough, he didn't get completely lambasted by every single one of the co-hosts.

Candace Cameron Bure, was one panelist on The View that admitted she was "happy with the result." Bure has been tight-lipped over the course of the election about the candidate she planned on voting for, but she took the opportunity on Wednesday's show to offer her thoughts on how Mr. Trump might bring the change that the country needs.

Check out Candace Cameron Bure's statements below:

"I honestly didn't think I'd even be sitting on this side of it this morning. I didn't think Donald was going to win. I can't say that I'm sad about it. I know that over half of America voted him in and are happy that he's there. And yet I'm in this room with a lot of people that don't seem to be happy about it. Although there's so many things the way that he's spoken and talked about people that I absolutely do not agree with, I was a person that voted on policy so in that sense I was happy with the result. And yet, if anything, no matter which side you are on, I hope it brings us all as a people to a horizontal posture, it brings us to our knees, our face to the floor, that we pray for our country, that we pray for him. Whether you think he could turn this upside down or you're praying that he'll hold the positions he said he would. I pray that we come together for that in humility."

While Bure seemed optimistic about Donald Trump's presidency, co-hosts Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg weren't filled with hopeful promise that Candace Cameron Bure was.

Goldberg proceeded to go on a rant about why she feels that the outcome of the result is not "comfortable" for her. Here's what Goldberg had to say:

"Because not only does he now threaten how things are going down with kids of color, with women's rights, with my right to decide what's right for my body, not what someone else says was right," Goldberg said. "Not just my rights about my body but my friends' children are afraid because this fool has said, and I know he's the president, but for me when you scare children by saying you're not going to let them stay in the country and you're going to separate them out, children don't know what you're talking about. And this is a bigger picture. This is bigger than him. This ripples out in so many different directions. This affects gay folks, gay marriage, transgender people. This has huge effects. Whether we are a nation that believes in people's rights as they are constitutionally guaranteed. Whether we're a nation that believes in the rights as God has guaranteed. Whatever you believe. No child should be afraid that their parents are going to be taken away because they're Muslim or they're Mexican or they're black. No kid should ever have to deal with that. And that to me is an issue. … What I see is stop and frisk coming back. What I see are things that I don't want to see anymore. But people didn't think about that. And they voted their conscience. And you get what you deserve."

The audience in attendance seemed to empathize with Goldberg's sentiments, but there was discussion on both sides that offered much more hope than we have heard from some other celebrities on social media.

No matter who the co-hosts voted for, Joy Behar nailed it when she said, "Here's the good news: Comedians are going to have a ball."

What are your thoughts about what the ladies of The View had to say about Donald Trump winning the presidency?


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