Man Pulls Brilliant Prank To Get Halloween Candy While Trick Or Treating

One man pulled off one of the slickest pranks of all-time to get candy from his neighbors while trick-or-treating.

The man in the video, comedian Tom Mabe, brought "his child" along with him when he knocked on people's doors. The kid was standing there with his arms outreached holding an open bag and looked as if he was asking for candy.

The neighbors would attempt to talk to the small child, but the filmmaker would explain that his kid was deaf. Neighbors would then place candy in the bag without hesitation.

After the homeowners would close the door and turn around, Mabe picked up what turned out to be a doll dressed in a Spiderman outfit. He would then waltz away with the bag full of candy, and the neighbors had no idea.

Check out the hilarious clip above!

In the caption for the YouTube video, Tom Mabe writes, "I have been doing Corporate Comedy for over 15 yrs, I'm the comedian that won't get you fired or embarrass you! LOL.. I've been creating Viral Content well before the internet.. My first video went Viral VIA VHS tape."

He continued by saying, "I got my start in comedy with a CD called Revenge On The Telemarketers on Virgin Records.. From there I went to TV with a show called Mabe In America on CMT. After figuring out that the internet could be such a great revenue stream I started creating videos.. I've done work for Walmart , Dreamworks, McDonalds and countless other local and national businesses. With a background in Advertising I can't begin to tell you how excited I was when Adweek announced that the number two video in the world was Disney's Frozen "Let It Go" and holding the number one spot that week was a video Tom Mabe created!

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How would you have reacted if you realized that there was a fake kid standing at your door thought you believed was asking you for candy?


[H/T YouTube: MabeInAmerica]