Man Gets Jailed In ‘Bust Of The Year’, But The Police Screwed Up One Huge Detail About His ‘Meth’

A man in Texas has been accused of having a half a pound of gold and blue crystals in his car. The man was arrested when the field drug test confirmed that the substance was actually methamphetamine. However, days later, it turns out, the field test was wrong.

Ross Lebeau, a 24-year-old from Cypress Texas took a right-hand turn without signaling. He was then pulled over by a deputy with the Harris County Sheriff's department. The traffic stop was perfectly normal until the deputy noticed a sock in the car that was rolled up and clearly stuffed with something.

Cat litter Meth
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The deputy took the sock, and the strange looking blue and gold crystals to have it tested for drugs using a field drug test. The test proved the deputy's suspicions as the substance tested positive for narcotics.

Lebeau was arrested for having methamphetamine in his vehicle.

"They thought they had the biggest bust in Harris County," said Lebeau. "This was the bust of the year for them."

However, Lebeau didn't have meth in that sock. He had kitty litter.

Lebeau spent three days in jail until he was able to post a $50,000 bond. After which, he told the police what was actually in the sock and that it was left in his car by his father. Turns out, a sock filled with kitty litter is a life hack for keeping the car windows from fogging.

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A third and more reliable test showed that the substance was, indeed cat litter. Needless to say, the charges against Lebeau were dropped.

"People have been calling me 'kingpin' or 'drug lord'," Lebeau said. "I was wrongly accused of this and I'm going to do everything in my power to … clear my name."

Lebeau is looking for an apology from the Harris County Sheriff's Office, but there has been no official apology. The agency has stated that those involved were following procedure.


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