Man Creates World's Biggest Functional Nerf Gun

One man has successfully crafted everyone's childhood dream toy they wish they had growing up. The world's biggest Nerf gun has been created, and can shoot gigantic darts at speeds of 40 mph.

The creator of the awesome invention, Mark Rober, stated in his YouTube video, "People have these Nerf dart gun wars at work sometimes, so in an effort to keep people from picking on me, I decided to create the world's largest functional Nerf gun."

This gun however is no toy to be playing around with shooting at your buddies in the office. Rober created the awesome toy with help from other engineers that run the YouTube channel "Ecclectical Engineering" and achieved incredible results.

The darts are made of toilet plungers and pool noodles, and smaller darts can shoot out of the gun at a distance of 130 yards. The gun is even able to shoot darts that are capable of sticking to targets just like the smaller versions of the darts. The Nerf gun uses a 3,000 pounds-per-square-inch paintball tank to fire the darts. While this gun may be the envy of every child, the gun definitely seems like a toy meant to be handled by adults.

Rober started the video stating, "So it's one thing to look good. But let's see how she holds up against the guns of my co-workers."


The trio then went on to show several clips of the enormous darts obliterating objects such as a stack of red solo cups and shattering a glass bullseye target. The four minute long video shows just how powerful the Nerf gun and is wildly entertaining to watch.

Rober has no doubt created the gun that will be the envy of every Nerf gun owner, and he can probably rest assured that no one will challenging him to a Nerf gun battle any time soon.