Making A Murderer: New Vital Details Emerge With Brendan Dassey's Release

Brendan Dassey was recently ordered to be set free from prison, however, the state of Wisconsin is trying to keep the Making a Murderer star under lock and key. In the 11th hour, the state filed a motion to block the release.

Despite orders to release Dassey, and recent evidence that suggests that his original confession was involuntary, the state of Wisconsin filed a motion to keep Dassey behind bars until a higher court is able to take a look at his case.

(Photo: ABC News)

A judge recently ordered Dassey to be released givent that his rights were violated at the time of his original questioning. At the time Dassey was only 16-years-old, a minor, and was questioned witout an adult in the room. That violation is what lead to his conviction being overturned by the court.

The state believes that even though the case was thrown out, Dassey could still pose a "serious public safety issue" if he is released. Despite giving an involuntary confession, Dassey could still have committed the murder, and, therefore be dangerous. If the judge still allows Dassey to be released, then he could be back on the streets as early as Wednesday.

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