Jon Voight Thinks Donald Trump Is Getting Sabotaged By Google

Actor Jon Voight doesn't seem to be a big fan of Google – or Hillary Clinton and the "left" for that matter. Voight recently agreed with Donald Trump's claim that Google purposely hid negative press about Clinton from internet searches.

At a rally in Waukesha Wisconsin, Trump was speaking to his supporters, briefly about poll numbers and how he did in the recent presidential debate. It seems that the GOP nominee isn't very happy with Google, claiming that the massive search engine is in cahoots with Clinton.

"The search engine was suppressing the bad news about Hillary Clinton," Trump said.

Despite Trump claiming that the same search engine poll recently put him up two points nationwide, it seems that he doesn't quite trust Google. And, as expected, his supporters are backing his claims. Actor Jon Voight recently said that he agreed with the nominee's statements.

"Google is certainly working for Hillary," Voight said.

But Voigt didn't stop there. According to the actor all "mainstream media is in the tank for the democratic party." This could be the reason why he doesn't believe that the next presidential debate can truly find an impartial moderator.

Voight also believes that if the next debate is indeed a "town hall" style debate, where audience members get to ask questions, that the media, or the Democratic Party will put their own people in the audience to be called on. So, according to Voight, there is really no way to have an impartial debate.


"I'm sure people want to win," Voight said about the idea of planting audience members. "That's the way it is."