Jennifer Lopez's People's Choice Awards Dress Will Knock You Out Of Your Chair

Per her usual, Jennifer Lopez has stunned on another red carpet. The Shades of Blue star walked the carpet for the People's Choice Awards in a gown that is just the right combination of sexy and sophisticated.

Lopez's stunner of a gown was extremely modest in some areas. The gown touched the floor and even had long sleeves. However, much to J Lo's preferred taste is hugged her body like a glove. All of her amazing curves were on display and looking amazing.

Then, there was the bustline - or, that is to say, the almost lack of one. Instead of a more traditional plunging neckline, or a sweetheart top, or even a high collar, this dress was sheer from her shoulders all the way down past her breasts.

Now, she wasn't flaunting a completely bare chest. No, instead, the whole top was modestly, and gorgeously, covered in a shiny silver pattern that almost looked like jewels. The intricate design covered everything that needed to be covered while revealing just the right amount of skin. It was almost as if she was wearing a large and intricate statement piece of jewelry instead of a gown.

Needless to say, it made heads turn!


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