Jennifer Lawrence Asked If She's 'Dipped In The Lady Pool' On Live TV

On Monday night, Hollywood superstar Jennifer Lawrence joined Andy Cohen on Bravo's Watch What [...]

On Monday night, Hollywood superstar Jennifer Lawrence joined Andy Cohen on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, and the 26-year-old actress was asked some seriously wild questions.

During a game called "Plead the fifth," one fan was curious whether the Passengers star had ever been with another woman, and taken a dip "in the lady pool."

After making a hilariously puzzled face while being asked the bizarre question, Lawrence said, "No, I've always been...I've never really felt that confusion."

Lawrence clearly isn't one to kiss and tell. The Oscar winning actress was later asked who gave her the best kiss of 2016, and she was clearly not willing to spill the beans even though she has recently been spotted getting cozy with her new director boyfriend Darren Aronofsky.

"Um, uh...well, I can't say," Lawrence said as she became visibly nervous.

"Do you want to plead the fifth?" Andy Cohen said.

"Oh, yeah!" Lawrence said. "Plead the fifth! I forgot I could do that."

Lawrence also dished on what was her favorite and least favorite to film in the wildly popular Hunger Games franchise.

"I mean the first one, there's nothing like the first one because they're introducing the whole thing and I thought it was really interesting," Lawrence said. "I guess the third one because they split it into two."

One particularly humorous segment was when Jennifer Lawrence and her BFF Laura Simpson, who was the guest bartender for the evening, answered questions about the celebrities that Lawrence hates.

"There's a lot of nicknames for certain celebrities," Simpson said while talking to Cohen. "I can give you a couple. There's The Lady. There's Pickle. Wait, who else do we have?"

"Well, The Lady has different variations," Lawrence said. "There's the Raging Lady, the Lady in Red, the Lady in Waiting..."

Check out the video of Jennifer Lawrence talking about her most hated celebrities below:

What are your thoughts about Jennifer Lawrence's comments on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live?

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