Jeff Gordon Says He Would Be Interested in Co-Hosting 'Live' With Kelly Ripa

(Photo: Twitter / @JeffGordonDaily)

Does Kelly Ripa have a new co-host contender?

Gordon spoke to The Associated Press Saturday, and shared that he would "certainly welcome" the position as Ripa's new co-host on Live With Kelly, as long as the schedule would not interfere with his current job as a NASCAR analyst — which he began in February. Gordon has previously appeared on Live as a co-host with Ripa several times.

"I am flattered that my name has been associated with that," Gordon said when asked about the possibility of his joining the hit talk show. "I've always maintained a great friendship with the show, some of the producers and folks within the show. I had a great time co-hosting, and I certainly would welcome it."

However, Gordon shared that his analyst job comes first.

"My priority is Fox and Fox Sports, and NASCAR," he said. "I will definitely be back in the booth next year; if there was something that could fit into and around that, great."

The former NASCAR driver didn't divulge too much information on his possible new gig, nor did he elaborate on the departure of Ripa's former co-host Michael Strahan.

"It's been really interesting to see that unfold, but I really don't have anything that I can say about that," Gordon said.


Strahan left his spot on Live on May 13 for a position on Good Morning America. The search is currently on for Ripa's next co-host!

Story compiled by Hannah Barnes of Womanista.