Jared Fogle's Ex-Wife Reveals New Details About Subway Lawsuit

Jared Fogle's ex-wife, Katie McLaughlin is suing Subway for negligence. Her suit comes after she found out that the restaurant had received warnings and complaints about Fogle's actions without telling neither her, nor the police. This neglect allowed for Fogle to continue to lead his double life and hurt innocent children.

"No one ever brought me complaints," McLaughlin said. "We know that there was at least one complaint brought to [Subway] that was mishandled."

(Photo: New York Daily News)

According to McLaughlin, there were three times the fast-food restaurant received complaints about Fogle, including one from a Florida journalist that was made directly through the company website. None of these complaints were addressed, nor were they brought to the attention of McLaughlin.

Subway, according to CBS, has had no comment on the pending lawsuit. However, when the news about Fogle broke, the company did release a statement saying that they found the complaint that was made via the company website was indeed "serious," but did not indicate "sexual behavior or criminal activity." Therefore, there was nothing to report.

Subway's legal analyst Rikki Klieman says that McLaughlin doesn't have a case against the chain. Klieman believes that even if Subway did know about Fogle's actions, they did not have a duty to report them to McLaughlin.

"She's saying they owed a duty to people like children, to report to the police. The problem is Subway is going to deny, Subway is going to say they knew nothing, and ultimately, if there is a correct plaintiff here, it's one of the victims," Klieman said.

As it turns out, McLaughlin is also suing Subway for the use of characters that appear like her children in their ads back in 2015. The company never asked for consent from McLaughlin to use her children's images in an ad. Even Klieman agrees that she may have a case there.