New Flip or Flop Behind The Scenes Secrets Revealed

Despite having a good chunk of their professional life filmed for reality TV, Christina and Tarek El Moussa seem to have hidden a lot from the camera during their time on HGTV. Not only did they hide their marital troubles, but there is a whole laundry list of other facts about the pair that you might not know.

According to In Touch, the Flip or Flop stars barely managed to make it through the 2008 recession. The two were successful real estate agents before the recession. So, as the market fell apart, their businesses started to fall apart as well. Eventually, they had to move into a $700 a month rental with a roommate.

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"I will never forget going to Subway to split $5 footings from Subway because that is (sic) all we could afford," Tarek once wrote on Facebook.

As it turns out, one of the reasons why HGTV were interested in the couple for their reality show was because they were poor. According to an old interview with Christina, the TV channel loved the idea that the couple was trying to make something of themselves.Of course, the two quickly pulled themselves out of the hole with the success of their show.

Speaking of success, one of the biggest secrets of the show could be that, despite the name, there are very few "flops." Most of the homes that the couple flips actually make money. The possibility of a "flop" is added for drama. Though, those dramatic auctions that are shown on the show are totally real, according to In Touch.

The drama might be exaggerated in the show a bit, but it's clear that the El Moussa's have had their fair share of drama. Even outside of their rocky marriage, it's clear the two have struggled in the past. Hopefully, going forward, the pair will have a bit less drama on their plates.


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