Fernandez's Friend Sent Ominous Text Message Just Before Death

Two other men died in the boat crash that killed Jose Fernandez early Sunday morning. One of them, Eduardo Rivera, sent ominous text messages to a friend suggesting that Fernandez was in emotional distress and that Rivera feared for his safety.

(Photo: Twitter / UsWeekly)

From Local 10 News:

Rivero's friends said Fernandez was stressed out about something and needed to blow off steam on the water.

They said Rivero messaged another friend and was hesitant about going out on the boat, but went anyway to keep Fernandez close to shore.

One of Rivero's last texts to a friend was: "Trust me. It's not my time."

A screen capture of the text conversation shows the time and content of the messages. The conversation ended with Rivera turning on the Find My Friends feature on his iPhone.

Will Bernal, the friend Rivera was texting, posted this message on Instagram alongside a photo of the duo at Bernal's wedding:

"I feel sick to my stomach. Everyone is talking about Jose Fernandez but you died trying to be there for him and be a good friend. This doesn't sit with me well. I write this with the heaviest heart I've ever had. I just lost Tony and now I lost another best friend. I can't get over this nightmare. I already miss you and our daily conversations. You died being a great friend. You went to be with Jose and help him when he called you. I tried so hard to tell you not to go out on that boat. It didn't feel right and we both knew it. I'm choking on tears writing this, you don't deserve this. We were just talking about life at the Marlins game and how precious it is. I can't believe you are gone. The pain I have is unexplainable," the post said.


"I feel guilty that I didn't do a better job of trying to convince you not get on that boat. You told me just so I know in case something happens. You had a gut feeling and that is killing me. I love you bro, you'll always be the little brother I never had. I'm in shock, I'm still waiting for you to call me or txt me. We were so excited to celebrate your birthday in Vegas. You were loved by many and I'll do my best to stay involved with them. Lauren and I will keep you in our prayers."

This article was originally published on 24/7 Sports.