Fallen Police Officer's Son Given Teddy Bears Made From His Father's Uniform

Malachi Snyder may not have his dad by his side anymore, but he does have two wonderful teddy [...]

Malachi Snyder may not have his dad by his side anymore, but he does have two wonderful teddy bears to help keep him company. His father, police officer Blake Snyder passed away in the line of duty in October. Soon after, Malachi got his special teddy bears to remember his father.

Thea's Blessing Bears was contacted by a police wife from Granite City, Illinois. The woman asked the company if it were possible to create a teddy bear from one of Blake's police uniforms. Turns out, owner Thea Gain was able to make two.

Now, looking happier than ever, Malachi will always have a piece of his father alongside him in the form of these two teddy bears.

While Malachi has his bears, his mother, Elizabeth Snyder has him to help cope with Blake's loss. The loss has been hard on Elizabeth, who is now a single parent, but she feels lucky to have Malachi in her life. She even admits that he is the reason she gets up and goes on through her days.

"Blake was my best friend and my partner in everything," she said. "Being a single parent is very tough, but still rewarding. Malachi is Blake's legacy and will always know just exactly what his father did for not only him but also his community."

That community is the community Blake served and died in the service of. They have been another great source of comfort and stability for Elizabeth and Malachi during this difficult time. People from all over have come to her and helped when they could.

"Because of you, Malachi will ALWAYS know who his father was," Elizabeth said. "Blake will never be forgotten, and Malachi will truly know how much the community loves him and cared for him."

What's more, it was a person in that same community that helped to bring Blake a little closer to Malachi after he passed by creating those unique and one-of-a-kind teddy bears.

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