Elephant Throws Woman Trying To Pet It

Whitney Lavaux is a student who was experiencing the trip of a lifetime in Thailand. She and a friend came across a group of elephants being washed in a local river and decided to help. Soon, Lavaux would realize that that was a really bad idea.

Elephants are some of the world's most beautiful animals, and many are dying off in nature. So, to come across a few of them, even when in the presence of other humans, is quite the exciting story. Being something that would probably never happen again in her life, Lavaux and her friend decided to take full advantage of the opportunity to be around these magnificent animals.

So, while her friend filmed, Lavaux stepped into the ankle-deep water of the Chiang Mai river, where some locals were washing a few elephants. Lavaux walked up to one, leaned over its tusk, and started helping to wash its trunk. The elephant didn't like that too much.

Suddenly, the elephant lifted it's head, flinging Lavaux up into the air. You can hear her friend let our a gasp as Lavaux flies through the air and lands in the shallow water. Though the video doesn't show her landing, you can see her start to walk away.

Luckily no one was hurt during the encounter. What's more, the pair of students can even joke about the incident, calling it Elephlying when the video was uploaded on the internet.

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[H/T Mirror]

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