Dumb Thieves Take Selfies With Stolen Phones, Pictures Get Sent To Owner's Computer

If you're going to steal a cell phone, it might be a good idea to avoid taking selfies with it. For a couple of phone thieves in Arlington, Texas, their selfie addiction is what will lead cops right to them. Because, little did they know, the photos they took with the stolen phones went straight to the victim's home computer.

One of the most frustrating part of being the victim of theft is that victims rarely see the faces of the thief. This makes recovering the stolen items extremely difficult. This theft victim, however, has not only seen the faces of the thieves, but has the photos to prove that they have the stolen property.

After the thief's selfies started to upload onto the victim's computer, they were sent to the Arlington Police Department. From there, the photos were posted on the department's Facebook page.

"The faces you make the moment before you realize (or don't) the cell phones you just stole automatically sent those selfies to the victim's computer," the Arlington Police wrote on their Facebook post.

The photos include several of a woman making kissy faces at the camera – clearly a professional selfie taker from the time of the infamous "duck face" – as well as a few photos of a disgruntled looking man. Not only are the thieves faces clear as day in the photos, but the man's arm tattoos are also visible.


Needless to say, with this clear photographic evidence, it won't be too long before these phone bandits are caught. The Arlington Police Department asks that if anyone has seen or has information about these crooks, to give them a call.