Dave Chappelle Is Making An Insane Amount Of Money For Those Netflix Specials

Standup comedian Dave Chappelle is set to make a jaw-dropping amount for three Netflix standup specials. The 43-year-old comedian recently inked a deal with the world's largest streaming service that will reportedly be worth up to $60 million!

Dave Chappelle CC
(Photo: Comedy Central)

Netflix first made the exciting announcement that Dave Chappelle would be getting three comedy specials on Monday.

Two of the performances will come from Chappelle's personal archive. The third project will be produced specifically for Netflix. The stand-up performances will be Chappelle's first specials in more than a decade, and will be released simultaneously in 2017.

According to Page Six, an insider close to the situation said: "Dave was offered $20 million a special. Netflix basically has a war chest for this kind of content. Whether it's a loss or not, Dave Chappelle's specials will get a lot of press and bring in new subscribers."

The US Netflix account shared via Twitter: "News: 3 new Dave Chappelle comedy specials, coming soon."

In the past few weeks, Dave Chappelle has been keeping himself quite busy. Most recently, the Half Baked actor hosted Saturday Night Live. Arguably the most hilarious skit from the show was a spoof of AMC's The Walking Dead, in which Chappelle portrayed one of the show's central villains: Negan.

Chappelle first launched into stardom while starring in his own Comedy Central sketch series called Chappelle's Show. The series ran from 2003 to 2006. The comedian shockingly left the wildly successful show after only three years and joked that he walked away with $10 million in the bank, instead of having $50 million.

A rep for Netflix said, "We don't comment on the financial terms of our deals."

Dave Chappelle isn't the only comedian that will be getting an enormous payday from Netflix in the near future. Most recently, the company announced that Chris Rock will be getting two standup specials of his own as well, and Netflix is going to pay him $40 million to do them.

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Are you surprised by how much Netflix is paying Dave Chappelle for the standup specials?


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