Chyna's Mother Requests Police To Re-Examine Death Case

After pouring through the information surrounding Joanie Laurer's death, her mother has requested that the police re-evaluate the evidence.

The death of the former WWE wrestler most commonly referred to as Chyna has been shrouded in mystery ever since she passed on April 20, 2016. Chyna's mother, Jan LaQue, says that she has been in communication with the Redondo Beach detective responsible for the case about her new request.

LaQue believes that Chyna's manager Anthony Analdo has not been honest in the days since her daughter died. She also feels that some of his moves have been suspicious, and should warrant further investigation. The most notable point presented by LaQue was that Chyna apparently fired Anzaldo only weeks before her death.

(Photo: WWE)

Pro Wrestling Sheet obtained an email exchange between Chyna and her mom where the wrestler claimed that her manager stole money from her. Chyna wrote that she would be taking a break from him and added, "Please refrain from talking to Anthony at the moment." At the time of the email, LaQue was operating under the assumption that Chyna was simply dealing with her own personal demons.

After further thought and contemplation, LaQue has been led to think that there may be another situation that occurred which is different to what Anzaldo stated.

One interesting move made by Anzaldo that LaQue wants clarification on is why the manager gave Joanie's cello away. Apparently, Anzaldo has been confrontational about the situation every time LaQue has asked for answers on who received the instrument. Also, Chyna's mother would like to know where the rest of her daughter's stuff has been placed, and how the money that was donated to her estate is being spent.

Chyna's official cause of death is still pending as the authorities are still waiting for the official toxicology report to return before any further decision can be made regarding the investigation, according to LaQue.

Anthony Anzaldo sent a statement to Pro Wrestling Sheet that read: "I never stole from Chyna and I certainly wasn't fired. I didn't work for her, I don't work for anyone. We were partners. I will be releasing a statement in the near future."


Do you think the authorities should examine Chyna's death further in light of these new developments in the case?

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