Burke Ramsey Files $150 Million Lawsuit Against Forensic Pathologist For Angling Him As JonBenet's Killer

After a recent CBS docuseries perpetuated the theory that he murdered his younger sister JonBenét in 1996, Burke Ramsey is suing a forensic pathologist featured in the show for $150 million.

On Thursday, the 29-year-old filed the defamation suit in Wayne County, Michigan against Dr. Werner Spitz.


According to the court documents, Spitz's claims and opinions on the two-part series The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey "attacked and permanently harmed the reputation of [Ramsey]."

The filing states: "Defendant Spitz is a publicity seeker with a history of interjecting himself in high profile cases in an effort to make money, exaggerate his resume and claim a level of expertise that he does not possess or deserve."

The docuseries aired in September, and on the show, a panel of investigators crafted a theory on who possibly killed the 6-year-old beauty pageant queen. In December of 1996, JonBenét Ramsey was found dead in the basement of her family's residence in Boulder, Colorado.

Spitz was a part of the panel that included a criminal behavioral analyst, a forensic scientist, a pathologist, and a former FBI profiler. The team developed a hypothesis that Burke killed his sister on accident.

"The accusations by Werner Spitz against this young man are outrageous," attorney L. Lin Wood recently told People. "Such false accusations for self-promotion and profit have no place in an orderly and just society. This lawsuit is the first step to holding Spitz fully accountable for his heinous wrongdoing."

The defendant, Dr. Werner Spitz, has not yet made a public statement regarding the lawsuit.


Do you think Burke Ramsey should be awarded a $150 million settlement?

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