Bella Hadid Throws Some Shade At Selena Gomez On Instagram

It looks like Selena Gomez is officially down one famous follower on her Instagram. After photos surfaced of Gomez spending a little quality time with The Weeknd, model Bella Hadid unfollowed Gomez. That's what happens when you hook up with someone's ex-boyfriend.

Gomez and the Canadian singer-songwriter were spotted outside waiting for their car to arrive after spending three hours together on their date in Santa Monica. The two weren't afraid to participate in a little PDA while they waited, clearly not caring who happened to see - or take a photo.

The day after the photos surfaced, Hadid, who had recently broken up with The Weeknd, decided to unfollow Gomez on Instagram. Though neither party has said anything about the unfollow or aired any other grievances against each other, fans of the model and the singer certainly noticed the unfollow.

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A source said that Gomez and Hadid knew each other, and had shared a few Instagram photos, which is likely how the two started following each other. However, they wouldn't be considered friends. So, at least this isn't a case of one friend taking another's man.

As for the musicians, it turns out that The Weeknd has had his eyes on Gomez for a while. However, the musicians didn't start talking to each other until recently.

"He thinks that she is extremely talented and sexy," said a source close to the musician. "They recently started talking before the holidays but she has been on his radar before."

The two only started seeing each other and many believe that it is simply just a fling. Either way, the two are having fun and taking things slow, according to a source. Though, their photos don't quite suggest that things are moving slowly.


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