Bella Hadid Takes Nasty Fall As Onlookers Can't Stop Snapping Photos

At the Michael Kors fashion show in New York on Wednesday, Bella Hadid lived every model's nightmare. The 19-year-old completely wiped out on the runway, and the look on the audience's faces said it all.

While it was clear to see from the photos that Bella was embarrassed by her unfortunate fall, the faces of the people in the audience were the most entertaining part of the snaps. Audience members, that included American Sniper actress Sienna Miller and The Edge of Tomorrow actress Emily Blunt, were caught mid-gasp in the images that have appeared on Twitter. The reactions from everybody watching truly showed what we are all thinking looking at these pictures.

While Hadid was walking the runway, everyone seemed to have their phones out. It's obvious that no one could have anticipated the stunning model taking a tumble on the runway. However, no one got up to offer Hadid a helping hand.

After the nasty spill, Hadid got back up and went on to finish the show with the rest of the models, which included Kendall Jenner.

How would you react if you were at the Michael Kors fashion show when Bella Hadid wiped out?


[H/T Teen Vogue]