Beautiful Photo Shows Teen Giving Shoes To Homeless Man

After recently being shared on the Internet, a photo showing a 14-year-old boy from Louisville, Kentucky giving away his shoes to a homeless man has gone viral.

This past Labor Day, Laron Tunstill Jr. (aka Ron Ron), volunteered with a local nonprofit group to serve in the homeless outreach efforts. The organization, PurpMe, focuses on "teaching our community how to uplift one another," according to their website.

PurpMe founder Jason Reynolds told ABC News, "Ron Ron and I went out with bean soup and corn bread and just went out to spread love in our neighborhood." He continued, "We saw a homeless man who had holes in his shoes, and, without hesitation, Ron Ron took the shoes off his feet and gave it away. They sat and talked to each other. The homeless man explained that he had gone through a lot of loss and hurt in his life, and Ron Ron was very moved by his story."

In fact, Ron Ron was familiar with some struggles of his own. "Ron Ron was a wild kid," Reynolds explained. "He grew up in a rough area where people get shot all the time. The streets affected him a little, and at one point, he was fighting more, being disrespectful."

After Reynolds took Ron Ron under his wing, he believed that through "God's grace" the young man underwent "a change of heart."

"Now, he's the one mentoring other kids," Reynolds stated. "It's amazing. He's just so passionate to make a change in the world and inspire other people."

The touching photo of Ron Ron with his arm around the homeless man while giving away his shoes soon went viral with thousands of shares and reactions on Facebook in less than a week.

Reynolds mentioned that this moving moment was one small act of kindness that is part of the bigger movement to "overshadow violence and negativity in the community."

We commend Ron Ron for this inspiring act of generosity and applaud PurpMe for their homeless outreach efforts.

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