Ann Coulter Unleashes Everything During Nazi Twitter Rant

Ann Coulter ignited a social media firestorm after inserting herself into the conversation about white supremacists and the American Nazi party.

Ann Coulter
(Photo: Fox News)

Many Americans have been outraged that these aforementioned groups have gathered recently to celebrate President-elect Donald Trump's victory. When conservative author and right-wing political pundit Ann Coulter reacted to the discussion about the American Nazi party on social media, Twitter absolutely exploded.

One of Coulter's tweets read: "Total # of deaths connected to American Nazi Party in last quarter century: ZERO; Total # of deaths connected to Al Sharpton: 9 I know of."

Coulter's tweet was met with a heavy amount of disgust and anger by many on social media. Among the people that were outraged was Perez Hilton. He responded to Coulter's tweet by writing, "Ann Coulter is now a Nazi sympathizer. Excuse me while I grab a bucket of water and hunt her down!"

In the second tweet, Coulter wrote: "The point, brainless sack-of-sh*t, is that Nazis (not connected w/ GOP) = irrelevant; MSNBC's Sharpton (connected at hip to Dems) = 9 dead."

Coulter then went on to explain that she was not trying to defend the American Nazi party, but rather to point out that every Democratic presidential candidate must make nice with Al Sharpton.

Perez Hilton wasn't the only social media user who was angered by Coulter's tweets.

Just this week, another celebrity drew negative attention when aligning themself with the American Nazi party. TV personality Tila Tequila shared a picture on Twitter doing the "Seig Heil" salute, and got herself banned from the social media platform in the process.


How do you feel about what Ann Coulter said about the American Nazi party in this Twitter rant?

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