Angelina Jolie Decided To Buy A Massive Teddy Bear, While Making These Boys' Day

One man named Tim Alexander was attempting to teach his twin boys, Allen and Brandon, a lesson in business and entrepreneurship. The twins had a massive stuffed animal named Big Bear that they had outgrown, so Tim told the boys they ought to sell the giant toy.

In an attempt to sell the eight and a half foot tall stuffed animal, the boys hauled Big Bear out to the curb with a for sale sign. Allen and Brandon waited for over an hour without anyone stopping by, until finally a white cadillac pulled over.

The boys were stunned when the fancy vehicle showed up, but then the family was even more shocked when they saw who was riding in the car. Hollywood megastar Angelina Jolie stepped out of the car along with her child, Shiloh. To make the situation even more humorous, the twins didn't even recognize Angelina at all, they were just thrilled to have a buyer.

Tim had to explain to his sons who the actress was by making a reference to her role in the children's movie Kung Fu Panda. While they didn't recognize her at first, they were in for an even bigger surprise. They told the Maleficent actress that the cost for Big Bear was $50, meanwhile fully expecting to be haggled down over the price. However, Angelina gave them the $50 each.

What celebrities have you ever run into that seemed to be really nice people?


[H/T Little Things]