A Massive Japanese Spider Was Discovered In A Storage Container, And It’s Time To Scream

If you're afraid of spiders, this story will definitely make your skin crawl!

Storage company workers were utterly shocked after opening a shipping container from Japan to find a massive spider lurking around inside. Considering the giant creature looks like it came straight out of a nightmare, the storage company workers called for outside help to handle the situation.

On Friday, a member of the staff contacted the RSPCA after the workers were unsure of what to do with the enormous arachnid.

Naemi Kilbey, an animal collection officer (ACO), responded to the scene at a farm in Old Newton, near Stowmarket, Suffolk, according to Mirror.

Apparently the storage company workers thought the spider was fake at first glance because it was so large.

"Workers who found the spider definitely thought it was a Friday the 13th jinx," ACO Kilbey said.

You know the spider was seriously frightening when even the animal collection officer admitted to being startled.

"I must admit I'd get a bit of a shock if I was unloading some stock a huge Huntsman spider crawled out!"

Despite their horrifying appearance, Kilbey said that that the spiders aren't known to cause much harm.

"Although these spiders, usually from Australia, are large and can grow to more than 15cm in size, they are generally harmless.

Fortunately for the workers that discovered the massive beast, the spider was not poisonous either.

"While a bite from one of these arachnids could cause some pain and discomfort, they are not a highly venomous spider."

The ACO was able to collect the spider and it will be taken to an animal specialist who will keep it.

Check out the video above to see the massive arachnid.

How would you have reacted if you saw this enormous Spider ?

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