3-Year-Old Rises From The Dead After Being Taken Off Life Support

In Derby, England, a 3-year-old boy made a stunningly miraculous recovery after being taken off life support and seemingly came back from the dead.

The toddler, Dylan Askin, was rushed to the hospital on Christmas of 2015 after his lungs collapsed. He was in and out of the emergency room for several weeks as doctors worked to try and figure out what was wrong with his lungs.

Toddler Rises From Dead
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The doctors finally figured out that Dylan was suffering from Pulmonary Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis, a rare form of cancer that caused cysts to form on the lungs.

A month later, Dylan's parents Kerry and Mike were forced to say what they thought was going to be their final goodbyes to their son.

Right after the doctors prepared to turn off Dylan's life support machine, his parents noticed him moving in the bed. This proved that he his brain was still functioning.

Dylan's mom, Kerry, spoke to The Telegraph about the miraculous events. Here's how she detailed the story:

"He was clearly suffering and his oxygen levels had plummeted when the consultant asked us to make the decision to switch off his life support machine on Good Friday.

"It seemed like a miracle he had survived that long, his CT scans from January when his lungs first collapsed showed he shouldn't have lived through that.

"Mike and I were just thinking of his brothers, thinking whether we were being selfish hanging on to him when he must be suffering so much.

"He's so close to his brothers it was such a hard decision, but the doctors said his organs were failing and there was nothing they could do.

"His temperature was fluctuating through the night and his heart rate was at 200, we were just waiting for him to enter cardiac arrest - as awful as that sounds.

"So we baptized him and said our final goodbyes and at 8am on the Saturday they turned his muscle sedatives off in preparation for the ventilator to be switched off.

"But when they did that suddenly he started struggling in his bed. We thought he was brain dead from oxygen starvation, so he shouldn't have been moving.

"Then the consultant rushed in and said his blood tests showed his organs weren't failing.

"We were trying not to be hopeful, but we just sat by him and hoped and over the weekend he got stronger and stronger.

"We had told Bryce that Dylan wasn't coming back, so when we explained that he had got better Dylan said: 'Oh, so he's like Jesus then.'

"I said, 'you're not wrong'. He had just risen from the dead."

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Dylan has now fully recovered and is back home with his parents and brothers.


Have you ever heard of a miraculous recovery like that of 3-year-old Dylan Askin overcoming his rare form of cancer?

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