The Best Time to Have the Most Orgasmic Sex Will Surprise You

woman in bed
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Fact: Women are more likely to achieve orgasm at or around ovulation. That's because your estrogen levels are at their highest for the month, and vaginal secretions are increased big time. And when vaginal secretions increase, intercourse just feels better, which means you're more likely to reach orgasm.

But wait, there's more! The increased cervical mucous actually helps your partner's sperm reach your egg, increasing your probability of getting pregnant.

"It's sort of mother nature's way to increase the chance of conception," Jamie Knopman, a doctor at Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine said to Redbook Mag. "The cervix also changes position around the time of ovulation — its position becomes more 'comfortable' when you are ovulating, making intercourse less uncomfortable."

Whether or not you're on board with period sex, there's no denying that the days surrounding your period are magic when it comes to the bedroom. (Surprising, right?)


"Depending on a woman's and her partner's comfort with bleeding, orgasm can be more intense for a few reasons," Kameelah Phillips, an OB/GYN in NYC, said. "The increased blood flow to the pelvis can lead to greater genital sensitivity and therefore more intense orgasm."

"Women may experience more intense orgasms just prior to ovulation, but they also experience intense orgasms when the relationship is healthy and they feel empowered in their life and body," said Phillips.