Woman Discovered She Was Pregnant When She Went into Labor

Finding out you're pregnant is often one of the happiest moments for a couple, but this couple didn't get much time to process the news. They discovered they were expecting a baby when the labor pains started.

Jennifer Favela and Jeff Parungoa were not expecting to spend their labor day delivering their third child. However, the holiday is now a birthday in their family.

Favela woke up in the middle of the night experiencing stomach pain, she revealed to KCBS. She thought she had an ordinary stomach ache, but then her water broke.

The 35-year-old is mother to a seven and 13-year-old so she knew what was happening once labor started. The surprise baby, who had not announced his presence with any morning sickness or other signs of pregnancy, did not want to wait once he made his presence known.

The father of two had to help deliver his third baby in the hallway of their home.

Mother and son are both doing well and the family is delighted to have a new member, even if he was a surprise.


This dad definitely has the best response when people ask him what he did over the long weekend.

"I just delivered a baby," he gets to tell them.