Why the ‘Fat Femme’ Yogi Is Calling B.S. on the Body Positivity Movement

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When it comes to body positivity, Jessamyn Stanley has a few choice words. The self-proclaimed "fat femme" is calling out the body positivity movement for not staying true to its message.

"I have a big problem with the conversation about body positivity on social media," the 28-year-old plus-size yogi wrote on Instagram. "From where I'm sitting, the conversation has become very diluted and saccharine sweet."

Hoping to change that conversation, Stanley is posing nude for a nude calendar by the Adipositivity Project.

"It's devolved into a mess of brands claiming to be 'body positive' by appropriating the stories and bodies of visible fat people; cis femmes with low self-esteem who allow their 'likes' and 'followers' to take the place of self-love," she wrote.

A photo posted by Jessamyn (@mynameisjessamyn) on

Stanley feels as if the brands contributing to the body positive movement are only in it to capitalize and make money.

"It's really simple for the theme of body positivity to be co-opted by people who don't actually care about the movement's large-scale goals, like eliminating schoolyard- and cyber-bullying, etc.," she told Revelist.


"I think the most worthwhile thing 'body positive' people can do is to step back and evaluate the energy they're putting into the movement. Is it worthwhile? Or is it a thinly veiled attempt at garnering attention?"

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