What are “SuperFoods" and Why You Should be Eating Them


Goji Berries, Maca, Cacao, Spirulina….say what?!

If it's a real food you have a hard time pronouncing, it is probably a superfood I am referring to. True superfoods gain their name, simply because, they offer a more superior amount of micro/macro nutrients per amount/size.

How can we tell the superiority of superfoods? Besides carrying a high amount of trace minerals and vitamins, they are rated with an ORAC score, Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. This is the foods antioxidant power (good guys) to fight free radicals (bad guys).

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A blueberry is high in antioxidants with an ORAC score of 2,400. That means we need 208 grams in order to get our daily amount. Goji is much greater with its antioxidants reaching 25,300 and only needing 20 grams to reach your daily amount. Cacao's ORAC is 55,653 and finally, Spirulina comes in with a score of 61,900.

As you can see it takes less to equal more. No disrespect to a blueberry or kale but when I am upping mine, and my clients health, these 4 superfoods take center stage.

Most superfoods come in powder form so their bioavailability is almost immediate and saves you energy.

If you are a super busy Womanista taking over the world, you can't be slowed down with heavy, unhealthy food. Try adding in one new superfood each month and you are sure to see a boost in your health, mood and appearance.

Goji Berries

Sun dried, have a similar texture to raisins and are great for your eyes and your libido. Perfect alone or in a trail mix.

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It is a root, and is typically taken as a powder. It is great for balancing hormones in men and women and great for natural energy.

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CHOCOLATE, magnesium to relax muscles, anti aging and a wonderful bliss food to help you chill. Mix raw cacao, coconut oil and maple syrup for a simple healthy chocolate.

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Amazing sea vegetable, full of vitamin B12 (energy), iodine, and is a wonderful multivitamin taken daily. Add to a smoothie or place in some coconut water and line up some shots!

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