Vanessa Lachey’s Favorite Workout Is One You Can Totally Do

(Photo: Getty / Jason LaVeris)

If Nick Lachey is 98 Degrees, Vanessa Lachey is 100. Even after two kids (and counting), she looks as fabulous as she did during her days on Entertainment Tonight and TRL.

So how does the 36-year-old mom stay so fit? Gunnar Peterson, a well-known celeb trainer (and Lachey's personal workout buddy) blends her fitness routine with fun activities and varies the workouts from week to week.

"Whether you're doing workout tapes or going to the gym, don't do the same thing over and over," Vanessa told Allure. "Try a new class instead of just hopping on the treadmill. Gunnar never has me do the same thing twice, and even though I complain, it keeps me motivated."

An average workout for Lachey might include lunges, squats, burpees and dumbbell curls. For her, it's all about sculpting lean, toned muscles. But if there's no time for a visit to the gym? She admits that a long walk with Nick and the kids, Camden and Brooklyn, does the trick.

And while we know that celebs like Lachey might have resources that we don't to put into their slimdown efforts, Lachey knows how important balance and moderation are.

"It's all about balance," she said. "No one can eat healthy 24/7 unless they have a personal chef, which is very rare."

Lachey starts the day off with a multivitamin and nutrient-rich food, making sure there are plenty of different colors on her plate. She says she doesn't "diet," but instead makes sure that what she eats is well-balanced and eaten in moderation.


"Your body's going to be the way your body's going to be," she told PEOPLE. "I think if we all just have a positive outlook and take care of ourselves in that way, it will be a great outcome because we'll love ourselves."

"If you're really worried, Spanx are amazing," she told Daily Mail. "Thank you to the inventor of that!"