Trader Joe's Just Came out With a Cauliflower Pizza Crust and We Are Obsessed

(Photo: Instagram / @thetraderstable)

Trader Joe's can do no wrong!

The fan-favorite grocery chain recently released a cauliflower pizza crust and healthy eaters everywhere are (rightfully) rejoicing. The benefits of trading out regular pizza crust for the cauliflower alternative have been touted all over Pinterest for some time now, but anyone who has tried to make it themselves knows that it's no easy feat.

The healthy alternative crust has so many steps and ingredients involved that often it's extremely tempting to just give up and order in traditional pizza from your favorite delivery service.

But now Trader Joe's has a pre-made, frozen version that you can use to whip up a delicious, healthy treat anytime!

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According to TODAY, each box of the gluten-free crust has six servings at 80 calories each.

Naturally, the internet lost its mind over the delicious new offering from the ole' TJ's and even offered up some reviews and tips on Instagram. One user warns to use a pan even though the package says not to, otherwise, you might end up with some sink holes in your creation.

A lot of users described the flavor as a cross between a flatbread and a corn tortilla.


The internet has spoken and they are raving over this delicious, easy and healthy base. But you know what that means - better hurry to your local Trader Joe's and grab a few quick before they're all sold out!


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