Top 5 Tips for Making the Best Healthy Smoothie

Skinny Mom has tons of smoothie recipes for you to choose from, but what exactly makes them [...]

Skinny Mom has tons of smoothie recipes for you to choose from, but what exactly makes them healthy? Yeah, smoothies automatically sound healthy, but sometimes that smoothie doesn't fill you up or can't give you the nutrients you need. Here are five tips for making the best healthy smoothie!

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Add Lots of Ice. This allows you to make your smoothie thicker without adding extra calories. Plus, the denser the smoothie, the fuller you'll feel, even if it's just ice!

Use Nonfat Diary. Use nonfat dairy like yogurt or even cottage cheese instead of ice cream or full-fat yogurt. The nonfat diary gives you a more filling protein without all the extra calories.

Use Whole Fruit. Instead of using fruit juice, use the real thing! The extra fiber fills you up, so say goodbye to hunger pangs! Frozen fruit is ideal because it makes your smoothie thicker and frostier. Just make sure you cut up the fruit before you freeze it.

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Add Veggies. If you're avoiding green smoothies because of the off-putting color, you're really missing out on a great source of nutrients! You can start out easy with spinach and kale because you can barely taste either. (via Reader's Digest)

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Extra Healthy Additives:

  • Pomegranate juice, which helps to relieve your sore muscles
  • Vanilla kefir, which boosts your immune system with extra calcium and probiotics
  • Kombucha, a fermented drink that has tons of antioxidants and probiotics
  • Flax seed, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids to help lower inflammation and increase your blood flow
  • Green tea ,which boosts your immunity and protects your skin from sun damage
  • Silken tofu, which is filled with calcium and protein to make you feel fuller
  • Avocado, that contains healthy fats to keep you full and avoid those pesky snack attacks.

Now you have a few tips on how Skinny Mom makes their smoothies tastier and healthier! Pass along these tips to your friends and family and don't forget to check out more delicious Skinny Mom smoothies.

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