This Facebook Post Reminds Us Just How Expensive Miscarriages Can Be

(Photo: Facebook / Janie Faville)

A Missouri woman is drawing attention to how expensive health care can be, and says it's a prime example of how affordable health care could be helpful.

Janie Faville posted a photo of her hospital bill to Facebook after having a miscarriage, proving that not only is a miscarriage heartbreaking, but it's also expensive.

"Because people don't talk about it, I will," Faville wrote. "This is how much a miscarriage costs with good insurance. THIS is why we need Planned Parenthood."

Her claims summary detailed the costs of the medical procedures associated with her miscarriage, which totaled $5,584. Even with her insurance covering most of it, Faville still needs to pay $1,369.57.

"I am lucky. I have great insurance through my employer ($1000 plus coinsurance), and I was still left paying a significant amount of money," Faville told Scary Mommy.

"I wanted to bring light to the fact that due to these steep medical costs, many women who experience miscarriage may not be able to access the routine, 15 minute procedure that can reduce their risk of infection and future fertility complications, not to mention the ongoing trauma that comes with carrying your dead baby while you wait potentially weeks for the inevitable," she explained. "Basic healthcare should be a right in our country, not a privilege."

According to the American Pregnancy Association, 10-25 percent of clinical pregnancies end in miscarriage, meaning a significant amount of women will face these fees every year.

"It is like rubbing salt into a wound," one commenter wrote under Faville's post. "It's like paying for someone to rip a piece of your heart out. I remember feeling appalled at all my bills from the emergency room, all the drs, and even the additional ultrasound just to tell me all traces of my baby was gone. Can't imagine the additional stress of not having 'good' insurance."


Do you agree with Faville? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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