These Are The Exact Reasons You’re Always Bloated

You're staring in the mirror and you just can't wrap your mind around the fact that despite your [...]

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You're staring in the mirror and you just can't wrap your mind around the fact that despite your healthy eating and exercise, your stomach is ready to burst out of your pants. It wasn't like this yesterday, so what's up? That, my friends, is bloating.

Bloating sucks. When you're bloated, your stomach fills with fluid or gas, which is why your tummy is overflowing the top of your jeans. And unfortunately, it always hits you at the most inconvenient times—like date night or your trip to the beach!

What's a girl to do?

For starters, according to Sara Haley, an LA-based fitness specialist, your diet may consist of too many fruits and vegetables.

Skinny Fruit Salad

"The sugar found in some fruit and vegetables is causing the bloat," Haley said. "So despite the fact that veggies and fruit are considered zero points on many diets, just like anything else, you may want to eat in moderation."

Other bloat-inducing substances that we like to binge on are salt, dairy and alcohol.

assortment of dairy products

"Too much salt bloats you," Haley said. "It makes you hold on to extra water, so be careful when consuming fast food, canned food, or frozen food. Dairy can also cause you to bloat, especially if you have trouble digesting lactose or milk sugar. Alcohol is a diuretic so if you become dehydrated your body may freak out and hold on to extra water."

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For some, the bloating isn't caused by food, but rather Diastasis Recti, a common condition among moms whose abdominals separated too much during pregnancy. This can cause bloating, and so can poor posture. Haley urges moms to stand up tall, drop the tailbone and pull the navel to your spine and roll your shoulders back.

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Now that you know what's causing the bloat, check out these 41 ways to get rid of it. There are simple things you can do today to ease the bloat immediately.