The Top 5 Knives You Need in Your Kitchen

Kitchen knives

Now that you've finally started cooking every night, it's probably time to stock that cutlery drawer. But where do you start, and what exactly do you need? We've rounded up the essential knives for all types of cooking from beginner's meals to chef's delights.

Chef's Knife: This is one of the most universal knives, and arguably the most important. It can be used for everything from chopping herbs and veggies and chopping through meat, to cracking open coconuts!

High End: Wusthof Gourmet

Everyday Brands: Food Network

(Photo: wusthof gourmet 8-inch
Photo Credit: J. L. Hufford)

Pairing Knife: Like a small extension to your hand, this knife is great for the more delicate jobs, like pairing! How appropriate! It's great for slicing any fruits you might need to add to your favorite summer detox water.

High End: Zwilling

Everyday Brands: Rachel Ray

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Serrated Knife: Most commonly used for bread, or anything with a harder exterior but soft insides (like fatty meat, peaches or tomatoes), this knife is meant to be used in a sawing fashion, not for chopping.

High End: Wusthof Classic

Everyday Brand: Ginsu

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Photo Credit: Macy's)

Cleaver: While the clever can't be used for any details, they are great for chopping large chunks of meat. They are not particularly blunt and therefore rely on the weight of the knife and the speed of your chopping. Try using your clever to chop through these delicious beef recipes.

High End: Wusthof

Everyday Brand: Kitchen Aid

(Photo: wusthof clever
Photo Credit: Macy's)

Boning Knife: Small enough to get detailed, but flexible enough to tackle a huge side of pork, a boning knife does just what you'd think: it cuts up and bones meats, fish and poultry.

High End: Wusthof

Everyday: J.A. Henckels


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Now that you've got the 411 on your top cutlery needs, it's time to get cooking. Try your new knife set out on one of our amazingly tasty and healthy recipes! Click here to be taken to the recipe index.