The Hype on Hypoallergenic Makeup

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Makeup and beauty brands are great at promising something, right? Whether they actually deliver is debatable. Amidst all those catchy names and titles, there's a new-ish buzzword that's being stamped throughout most production lines: "hypoallergenic makeup" and it has hit the market hard in the past couple of years. So, we did some deep diving into the hype behind hypoallergenic makeup and here's what we found out.

If you suffer from sensitive skin and are prone to allergies, chances are you may have considered using hypoallergenic makeup. Products that fall under this category are less likely to cause allergic reactions and tend to be softer and safer on skin than other products.The term "hypoallergenic" first hit the shelves around 1975 and the FDA was quick to try and regulate the use. Unfortunately, the U.S. courts declared the FDA's original standards invalid. And according to WebMD, technically anyone can claim it without providing any proof that it causes fewer allergic reactions.

Rather than looking for the "claim," read the ingredients and know your own body. If you are irritated by acai berry then check for acai seeds. But be careful when reading labels, because many mainstream names are hidden in other more scientific terms. Check for proper names and plant derivatives. It may take some time, but it's worth it in terms of your skin's health and the dollars you will be saving!

Look for natural ingredients by reading the label to see what you recognize. It may be helpful to know that the term "organic" in the cosmetic world falls under the same category as "hypoallergenic." This means there's no FDA regulation for this claim either.

If you're looking to switch up your cosmetics and go the hypoallergenic route, here are some of our favorite hypoallergenic makeup products:

Jouer 'Luminizing' Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20: This lightweight, tinted moisturizer evens out imperfections and goes on smooth to the skin.  


Laura Geller Beauty 'The Real Deal Remedy Stick' Primer & Mattifier: This gel primer stick prepares your skin for effortless makeup application and a long-lasting finish without having your pores shine through or irritating your face.


bareMinerals bareSkin Foundation and Perfecting Brush: If you're looking for a natural look this bareSkin foundation and brush are perfect for you.  With easy application and a brush that is soft to the skin, this is a must have in your makeup bag.

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Laura Geller Beauty 'Femme Fatale Antique Lace' Baked Eyeshadow Trio: Undeniably flattering, each versatile, buildable and hypoallergenic shade in this trio can be used alone and applied wet or dry.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Lash Genius' Waterproof Topcoat: This hypoallergenic, lightweight mascara glides on smooth, dries quickly and gives your lashes a touchably soft lacquer finish that lasts all day without irritation.


Napoleon Perdis 'Mattetastic' Lipstick: The hypoallergenic formula features a blend of sodium hyaluronate and vitamin E to keep your pout smooth and hydrated while suspended pigments create a soft cushion of color and comfort.