The Challenging Ab Workout A-List Celebrities Can't Get Enough Of

What do Sofia Vergara, Kim Kardashian and Victoria's Secret Models have in common? Besides being fabulous, they're absolutely hooked on SPX Pilates (Glamour). SPX Pilates, also known as the Lagree method, is effective in creating long, lean and super sculpted muscles for women who want to tone up but not feel bulky.

sofia vergara
(Photo: Photo via People)

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Lagree Fitness is done on a machine called the Megaformer, which is designed with straps, pulleys and springs to add strength training and resistance to your typical Pilates movement. Since most of us don't have a Megaformer at home, and many may not belong to a Pilates studio, we're sharing this video from our friend SarahFit.


If you're working out on hardwood floor, grab gliding discs, towels, an old tank top or whatever will help you glide with little friction. If you're on carpet, paper plates work great.

Focus on completing each movement with slow, precise focus on the muscle group you're working, and get ready to feel the burn throughout all parts of your core. Complete this routine a few times a week to build those stabilizing muscles we all strive for!